Learn more about our Dentistry for Kids

It is very important to start seeing children early to get them used to the dentist office and also to try to educate and prevent childhood decay. It is also beneficial to catch decay early in children as it spreads through primary teeth faster than permanent teeth.
    • Hygiene/Prevention: We encourage young children visit the dentist when they get their first teeth so we can clean and check for cavities. A sealant is preventative resin material that is placed on the deep grooves of molars to prevent cavities.


    • Fillings: If decay is found, children will need to come back for fillings. We often suggest the use of nitrous oxide for young children to help them feel comfortable and have a less stressful visit.


    • Pulpotomy + Crown: In the case where the decay reaches the nerve/pulp of the tooth, we perform a pulpotomy (baby tooth root canal) to save the tooth and prevent infection. These teeth are capped with silver (stainless steel) crowns to protect the tooth from fracture.


  • Extraction: If a tooth develops an infection or abscess, we must extract it to cure the infection and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the body. If a tooth is extracted early, we place a metal space maintainer in the area to keep the teeth from drifting and impacting eruption of the permanent/adult teeth.