Partial: When multiple teeth are missing in an arch, one option for replacement of those teeth is a partial denture. An impression is taken of the teeth so that the denture can be custom-made by a dental laboratory to fit around the remaining teeth. We will match the shade of the denture teeth so they look as natural as possible.

These partial dentures are made completely of acrylic plastic, which is coloured pink to blend with the gums and has the denture teeth bonded on. You may have heard these referred to as flippers. They are a more temporary version of a partial denture.

Cast Metal

These partial dentures have a metal framework that is custom fitted to the arch and has clasps that fit around the existing teeth to provide retention. The pink acrylic is attached to the metal framework with denture teeth in the edentulous (missing teeth) area(s). This is a stronger partial denture that will last longer than the acrylic.

Complete: When all teeth are missing in one arch of the mouth, a complete denture is an option to restore function and esthetics. A set of impressions is taken to custom-make the denture out of acrylic material. New dentures can cause sore areas to develop and therefore take time to get accustomed to. There are often appointments needed for adjustment.

The impression and fabrication of this complete denture is done when the gums and bone have healed completely.


The denture is made before the teeth are extracted and then inserted in the patient’s mouth immediately after the teeth are extracted. A reline is needed as the denture becomes loose as a result of the gums and bone shrinking in the healing period.