Mouth Guards

At Hometown Dental in Okotoks Dental, we offer Mouth Guards services

Night Guards: For people who grind/clench their teeth at night or TMD (temporomandibular joint disfunction), a night guard is a very beneficial appliance. Moulds are taken of the teeth and sent to the lab so they can custom-make this appliance. They are made out of either hard acrylic or a type that softens under warm water. These custom-made mouth guards are much better fitting than those purchased at the drug store.


Sports Guards: Sports that involve contact or fast moving objects like baseballs can cause injury to the teeth (fracture or complete loss of a tooth). To help prevent injury, we can make a sports guard that is custom-fit to cover the patient’s teeth. We take a mould of the upper teeth then make a model to form the sport guard. This is done in our office and there are several colour options available. We might even match your sports team jerseys!.