Emergency Dentistry

Looking for Emergency Dentistry? We are here to help!

At Hometown Dental we understand dental emergencies occur. Teeth can be damaged or fall out due to accidents and sometimes a toothache will spontaneously occur where the pain is unbearable. Please call the office and we will see you as soon as possible! Note: If a child’s adult toth is lost in an accident, this needs to be dealt with immediately! For the best results:
    • If you are comfortable putting the tooth back in to the socket, this can be done but ensure that it is in the proper orientation. Don’t worry about cleaning it well – a quick rinse of water is sufficient. Call us immediately for further treatment.


  • If the tooth can’t be replanted, place init Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (best), milk (second best), water/saliva (third best) and call us immediately for further treatment

Single Tooth Loss

Cracked Tooth