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At Hometown Dental, we understand dental emergencies occur. Teeth can be damaged or fall out due to accidents and sometimes a toothache will spontaneously occur where the pain is unbearable. Even if a crown falls off or a filling falls out, treatment should not be delayed as the risk of further damage to the tooth increases with time. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call the office and we will see you as soon as possible!

Causes of Tooth Pain

The sooner a tooth is dealt with after a traumatic incident, the better the chance of a favourable outcome.

Sometimes a trauma will break a tooth and there isn’t pain right away. This tooth should still be treated in a timely fashion to prevent further chipping or damage to the pulp tissue inside the tooth. A tooth may also move inside the socket and be displaced by force (up, in, out or down). The tooth needs to be reset in the bone immediately and splinted to the other teeth for support to allow the surrounding tissues to heal. These teeth also need to be monitored as the living tissues inside the tooth (pulp) can go necrotic (die) after an injury and require removal to prevent pain and infection.

Horizontal Root Fracture

Facial Injuries

If the face gets hit hard enough, the jawbones can fracture (which may be indicated by the mobility of the jaw or the teeth may not come together normally). It is extremely important that patients, in this case, get seen immediately as surgical intervention needs to happen quite quickly. We can screen for fractures with our 3D cone beam CT x-ray machine as well as with a visual exam. If we find a fracture, we will refer you to an oral surgeon for further treatment to try to avoid permanent damage.

Chipped Tooth

Swelling In The Mouth

Swelling is not something to ignore! If you have any facial or oral swelling, it needs to be dealt with so that it doesn’t become larger and/or spread. Swelling that spreads to the throat area can restrict the airway and lead to breathing issues. Spontaneous swelling generally indicates infection and this can be serious if not treated. The cause of the infection needs to be addressed and sometimes the swollen area needs to be drained of exudate (pus).

Endodontic Abscess

Children and Dental Emergencies

Note: If a child’s adult tooth is lost in an accident, this needs to be dealt with immediately! For the best results:

  • If you are comfortable putting the tooth back into the socket, this can be done but ensure that it is in the proper orientation. Don’t worry about cleaning it well – a quick rinse of water is sufficient. Call us immediately for further treatment.
  • If the tooth can’t be replanted, place it in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution (best), milk (second best), water/saliva (third-best) and call us immediately for further treatment.

Written by Hometown Dental Okotoks

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