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What Is Solea Laser?

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For many people, dental anxiety can turn what should be routine oral care into a source of distress. While one option people turn to is sedation dentistry, the Solea dental laser can be a unique way to reduce your family’s discomfort during a procedure. In some cases, you may not even need an anesthetic.

The Solea laser puts aside traditional drills in favour of a tech laser that can help reduce discomfort and anxiety. That means less stress and more comfort during your visit.

Understanding the Solea Laser

To some, the Solea laser might seem like something out of a futuristic story or video game. However, it’s very much a reality!

The Solea laser addresses one of the main sources of dental anxiety: the needle, blade, and drill. It’s a remarkably precise CO2 laser system for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Because it’s a laser, it’s much quieter than a drill, further reducing the anxiety some people feel. The mechanics are complex, but the outcome is simple: less discomfort while undergoing a plethora of dental operations.

The Benefits of Solea Laser Dentistry

The Solea laser experience is a new way of approaching dental procedures, offering many benefits for adults and children alike, such as:

  • Reduced discomfort: Many patients say they don’t feel anything during procedures, while others say they experience some mild coldness.
  • Reliably anesthesia-free: In most cases, local anesthesia is unnecessary, so patients can bid farewell to needles.
  • Quick results: The Solea laser vaporizes enamel, rather than slowly chipping away at it. This means it works fast, allowing you and your family to get the appointment done without spending unnecessary time in a chair.
  • Increased precision: The Solea laser is computer-controlled for a level of accuracy that surpasses traditional dental tools, preserving more of the natural tooth and reducing the chance of human error.
  • Good for kids: Since the Solea laser is faster and usually doesn’t require a needle, kids can get through their appointments quickly and get back to school without worrying about lingering numbness.

Facing Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety poses a significant challenge. It’s more than some people simply being easily frightened—this psychological barrier impacts up to 60% of the population. The fear of pain or needles can discourage patients from vital treatment. Solea Laser can not only alleviate this fear but has the potential to eliminate it.

In a Solea laser-equipped practice, the whir and whine of mechanical drills can be replaced by the gentle hum of advanced technology. Patients who previously shied away from the dentist’s chair due to fear now have the opportunity to undergo their necessary treatments without the stress of conventional dentistry.

A woman in a dentist's office smiling and shaking hands with her dentist while a dental assistant is working in the background.

Prioritizing Your Dental Comfort in Okotoks

The Solea laser offers a unique and comfortable dental experience for patients in Okotoks and worldwide. It provides a more inclusive and patient-focused approach to dentistry, using technology to reduce physical and mental discomfort.

This innovative tool has been embraced by a growing number of patients and dental professionals, revolutionizing oral healthcare. By using the Solea laser, Hometown Dental can promote oral health and improve overall well-being for people who have long avoided the dentist’s chair due to anxiety.It’s not just a useful piece of dental equipment. It’s a valuable asset that opens up new possibilities for a healthier and more comfortable life. Request your appointment today and enjoy a more comfortable dental experience for your family.

Written by Dr. JJ

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