Dr. Jamison has taken levels 1 and 2 of Facial Esthetic Therapies and Adjunctive Procedures through the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Esthetics in Vancouver, BC and is now offering Botulinum Toxin (Dysport®/Botox®) injections for upper face esthetics and treatment of bruxism.


At our clinic, we routinely use the product Dysport® to block the nerve activity in target muscles of the head and neck.  By doing this, it temporarily decreases muscle activity and this, in turn, can help with wrinkles/lines, headaches and clenching.  If you have deep lines already formed, Dysport® will likely not remove them completely but can soften them.  It works best as a prevention – start treatment before lines are really bad to prevent them from forming.


How long does it last? Dysport® generally lasts 3-4 months and requires follow-up injections to maintain your results.  As patients do regular injections, the muscles can get conditioned to the Dysport® and the effects start to last longer – sometimes up to 6-9 months, and the amount needing to be injected can decrease.


How much do I need?  Every patient is different based on gender, strength and thickness of muscles, and which muscles/areas of the face are to be treated.  Generally, the glabella area in between the eyebrows (“11s”) take anywhere from 20-40 units.  The frontalis (forehead lines when raising eyebrows) usually need 14-27 units.  Crows feet can need 8-14 units per side.  Of course, these are generalizations and every patient has a specific “recipe” that works best for them.


How does it work?  Dysport® contains a neurotoxin protein and when injected, it will attach to the nerve endings and prevents the release of neurotransmitters to the central nervous system.  With the signalling stopped, the muscle does not receive the message to contract and is in a constant state of relaxation until the Dysport® wears off.


Does it hurt?  Dysport® is injected with very small needles so there might be some mild discomfort but generally to most people it is fairly painless.  You have the option of placing an ice pack prior to getting the injections which can help numb the area.


Why choose a dentist to administer cosmetic injectables?  Dentists are highly educated in the anatomy of the head and neck and they also give multiple injections daily for regular dental work so are comfortable with using needles.  Dental clinics in Alberta also have very strict sterilization guidelines to follow which gives peace of mind to patients receiving this treatment.  In Alberta, dentists must attend one of two approved courses in facial esthetics prior to implementing Dysport® or Botox® into their practice.  This ensures that any dentist providing this treatment has the proper education on the product, review of the anatomy and guidelines for injections and is held to higher standard of care.  At Hometown Dental, we also take a series of photographs before and after to assess treatment and guide further injections.


If you would like a Dysport® consultation for with therapeutic or cosmetic reasons, please call or email us today!